Sure Fire Method to Quitting Smoking

Every time I go out here in Portland, and someone asks to bum a smoke or a light, I tell them I haven’t smoked a cigarette in five months. People ask me how I quit smoking. They say they aren’t ready, that they don’t have the willpower, or whatever. I know the feeling, I wasn’t ready, I didn’t believe I had the willpower, and I questioned how I could undergo such a life altering change. I just sit there like a smug dick and roll my eyes.
When they say “I’d have to change my whole lifestyle“, that’s when I finally pipe up.

You don’t have to change your whole lifestyle, you just have to make a choice not to smoke for a little while longer.

That’s the reality. I continued to go out drinking, slurping coffee, partaking in other illicit activities, going on road trips, just about anything that usually was accompanied by my cigarette pack. You see, it’s easy to put it off for five minutes. Then five minutes more. Five minutes after that, have another drink and put it off.

If you try to change your whole life, you are totally not ready. It’s hard to imagine, but think of it as a challenge: live your life how you normally live, and you don’t have as many holes to fill. Put it into manageagle terms by “procrastinating insteand of “quitting” and you’ll totally have your habit under control.

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