Stop Smoking with Zyban

Wellbutrin aka Zyban is scientifically known as Bupropion. It was originally designed and marketed as an anti-depressent. It was discovered that patients taking Wellbutrin were reporting that they had stop smoking during their treatment.

This led to Glaxo corporation rebranding Wellbutrin as Zyban and remarketing it as a smoking cessation aid. It was found that it reduced cravings and withdrawls symptons.

Using the Zyban program, one doesn’t not need to immediately cease smoking when you start taking it. Instead, you gradually smoke less until your quit date. It has been reported that smoking while taking zyban makes you feel as if you had just chainsmoked three packs of cigarettes and/or gives you a slightly nauseated feeling.

It is an expensive route, and not all health insurance plans cover it. However, it seems to have the best success rate in comparison to other stop smoking aids (though far less than uplanned cold turkey quits.)

It is worth attempting a quit with Zyban/Wellbutrin. While it may not be successful, it you will rack up some quit experience, which is just another wrench in your mental tool belt when it comes to quitting.

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