Quitting Smoking or Positive Procrastination?

The thought of quitting smoking is what scares most smokers. The finality of it is overwhelming ala “I’m never going to smoke again”. That’s a long time. The rest of your life is a long, long time. The real trick, I found, is to take that huge gap of time and break it down into manageable segments.

What I discovered helped me most was simply putting off smoking. In fact, that is what prompted my quitting: I just kept putting off going to the store. That’s it. I promised myself I would have one later, once I was done with whatever I was doing. It’s pretty easy to put off until later what could be done now.

I started refering to this as “positive procrastination”. The beauty of it is that it helps set a behavioral pattern. Once this pattern is place and the reality that you have “quit smoking” sets in, you are totally prepared for it. It’s far easier to wrap your mind around not doing something for the next hour than never being able to do it the rest of your life. And by putting it off, all you aren’t saying that you’ll never do it again, you’re just not doing it for awhile.

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