Hypnosis and Smoking

Over the years, as I considered quitting smoking, I kept trying to figure out the lazy ways to overcome my psychological need to smoke. My mind kept turning to hypnosis.

You’ve probably heard all kinds of good about quitting smoking with hypnotherapy. The personal testimonies are nothing short of astounding. But are hypnotherapists truly miracle workers that condition your brain to not want a cigarette, or is getting hypnotherapy just a pyschological placebo that you use to trick yourself into thinking you are a non-smoker.

From 1994-1997, I worked for a residential landscape irrigation company. The owner of the company was a jolly old guy named Doug, or as we called him, Big-D. A real salt of the earth kind of guy with a penchant for building his only little airplanes (and attempting to fly them), Big D was a touring country musician before settling down into the world of lawn sprinklers. Now being a touring country musician in the 50s,60s, and 70s involved lots of booze and lots of cigarettes. Big D was a big time smoker.

One time he was giving me shit about smoking cigarettes along with the suggestion that I should quit. I was like “nah, not right now. It’s too hard”. His response: “Go to hypnotherapy, that’s what I did. Quit smoking with hypnosis.”

So here was a good old boy telling me quit using new fangled new age techniques. I was a bit taken aback. But hey, if it worked for a man like Big D, there must be something to it.

Hypnosis tends to be a controversial subject, up there with naturopathy, holistic medicine, accupuncture, etc. It’s hard to find good information since such pursuits often attract charlatans, you’ll be polluted with lies. But there is also some good information out there.

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I think I achieved a level of self-hypnosis myself, so I never had a chance to try it out. But that was the next method I was thinking about when I was “planning on quitting”.

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