One Month Without Smoking

Today is my official “one month smober” day. I feel like I should be given a token key chain or something, and have people applaud me in a meeting. Lately though, I’ve wanted a damn cigarette. Business is slow, and my bills are higher, so I have reduced cash flow with increased outflow. I hate that. There are times when I find myself subconciously patting my pocket for a pack of smokes. Other than that, I’m starting to feel pretty good.

I’ve been excercising in the mornings before I sit my ass down at the computer, I’ve been able to taste food better, and I seem to have more focus on my many, many projects.

Almost One Month Smoke Free

I’m coming up on my one month smoke free anniversery (the 17th of November). Already, my initial coping habits (sunflower seeds, mochas, straw chewing, incessant candy snacking) have subsided. The only time I desire to have a cigarette is when I’m out drinking, and that usually subsides: Every time I want to smoke, I have another drink. Plus my hangovers are incredibly less severe. Continue reading

Surpassing the 3 Week Mark

I’ve heard that as a rule of thumb, it takes a good 3 weeks to form a habit, and just about as long to break it. I really don’t think a habit is “broken” until you no longer have to think about restraining yourself from it. Likewise, breaking doesn’t mean a good solid beating a dead horse. There is no need to try and whip the shit out of it, once something is broken, it’s hard to fix. Continue reading

Quitting Smoking Does Not Mean “Quit Forever” – Day 17

Yesterday was a toughy for some reason, probably my worst smoke free day since day #2. I don’t know if was the fact that I stayed in my windowless office for nearly 6 hours without a hint of daylight, only to come out to find Portland’s gutters overflowing, but I just wanted to smoke like a muthafucka, especially after heading to Shanrock’s Trivia at La Merde. Continue reading