Nicotine Water

Smoking cessation products that make sense: Nicotine Inhalers, Nicotine Gum, and wacky ass pills like Zyban. Products that seem pointless: Nicotine Water.

Developers in California who invented Nic Light said the drink is the equivalent of smoking two cigarettes.

Testers said it tastes like water, with a hint of lemon and nicotine.Article

I’ve always questioned the developers of these products. Were any of them actually smokers? I can only imagine it tasting like hell, without giving any sort of satisfaction to the one who has to drink it. As a pack a day smoker, I dreaded flying, often it meant 7+ hours without a cigarette. But you can deal with that…it’s only a couple of hours…not the rest of your life.

Drinking a bottle of water would make me want to pee, and I’d still want a damn smoke. I’m fairly convinced that smokers who think nicotine is what has a grasp on them are deluding themselves. We like the taste, we like the rush, and we like all of the associative actions. It’s a behaviour that we need to change.

I say “we” all inclusively, because even though I have not smoked in two months, (after 14 years at a one pack a day minimum), I am still a smoker. I’m just choosing to put it off.

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