6 Months After Quitting Smoking

6 months seems like and incredible milestone: For .5 years I have not smoked a cigarette and I did not change my lifestyle at all except that I don’t smoke 2 packs of cigarettes at the bar. In fact, days after I started putting off smoking (I really abhor the word quit…seriously), I was able to go out and drink like a mofo. But how?

It’s simple. I promised myself I would smoke AFTER accomplishing some mundane task that didn’t merit reward. And then, I told myself if I was good and didn’t smoke that time, that I would the next time I offered my self a reward. Effectively, I procrastinated smoking. That’s it. Sure there were a few tense days in the beginning where I ate a ton of sunflower seeds and pounded mochas, but since that quickly subsided.

The powers of procrastination…it doesn’t always have to be negative.

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