4 Months & I Still Haven’t Smoked a Cig

So here I am, and it’s been 1/3 of a year since I have had a cigarette. Lately, I really abhor the fact that I named this “Kyle Quits”, since that is not what I tell everyone. In truth, what I tell them is that I have been putting off smoking for four months. Putting if off? What the fuck is that?

If I wasn’t so damn busy, I’d seriously consider promoting the Positive Powers of Procrastination as a viable stop smoking program on par with Zyban/Wellbutrin, Hypnosis, and the Patch. I’d wager to say it’s actually better than any such programs, because it doesn’t use psychological snake oil, replacement therapy, or unrealistic planning. In fact, all it does is take advantage of one of our greatest weaknessess: procrastination.

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