3 Months After “Quitting” Smoking

The longer I go without having a cigarette, the more I loathe the term “quit” and wish I didn’t buy “kylequits.com”. One would think that I should be super excited that I haven’t smoked a cigarette, which I am. However, I can’t deal with terms like “quit”. Really, I like the idea that I am putting off smoking. I don’t even want cigarettes anymore unless I go out drinking anyway.

Also, I did not quit ingesting nicotine. Although I hadn’t had a single dose since Mid october, I did smoke some cigars on New Years. Nevertheless, I am quite proud of the fact that I have not inhaled a cigarette in 3 months and I can feel my lung capacity improving and taste foods better.

At one point I wrote about 1 month after quitting smoking, and I’m feeling like a fucking champion now. Yeehaw!

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